21st Annual ADK Outdoor Expo – 2018

The 21st Annual ADK-GVC Outdoor Expo will be held on Saturday, June 9th 2018 at the Beach area of Hundred Acre Pond in Mendon Ponds County Park off Douglas Road.   Outdoor activities, learning, experiences, educational & workshop sessions, etc abound at this free event, 9:30AM-3:30PM.  And, YES, there are free trials of various kayaks and/or canoes, this aquatic activity is at the beach area of the Hundred Acre Pond.

Myriad presentations and interactive events are mostly centered around the area near the beach and contiguous areas of the adjacent parking lot.  Many organizations, individuals, and businesses, all come together with the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK-GVC) to make this a premier event for outdoor enthusiasts.

Here is a hyperlink to ADK Outdoor Expo.  http://www.gvc-adk.org/expo

And here is a hyperlink to an article about the 2015 Outdoor Expo, included for reference of the myriad type activities.



National Trails Day 2018 in Victor

Annually, one of two big shindigs that Victor Hiking Trails (VHT) sponsors, is National Trails Day (NTD) observed each year on the first Saturday of June.  In 2018 the date is June 2nd.  VHT is of course one of many hiking groups that plans some organized observance on NTD.  Yep, that word “national” does in fact imply many groups across the USA observe or celebrate NTD in some manner.   Now, before I describe more about NTD activities that VHT hosts, you were wondering what the other big shindig that VHT has annually.  Weren’t You?  Answer: the second big shindig VHT does is the VHT “challenge hike” usually held sometime around late September.

NTD in Victor with VHT is usually three serial hikes, with a break in between each of the three hikes for rest and refreshment. The first hike is a morning hike and the last hike finishes in the afternoon.

Details for 2018 are:  On Saturday, June 2nd, Victor Hiking Trails will host the 26th annual National Trails Day in Victor. Come to Finger Lakes Community College, Victor Campus, located at 200 Victor Heights Parkway, Victor, NY 14564, at 8:30 a.m. for a free continental breakfast. There will be three easy hikes beginning at 9:00 A.M., bottled water and snacks, a free pizza lunch with drinks and raffle prizes. Everyone who completes all three hikes will receive a free one-year membership to Victor Hiking Trails.

You can also read about National Trails Day 2018 in the the VHT newsletter The Pathfinder Spring 2018 edition (volume 23, issue 1, pages 2 & 7).    A direct hyperlink to a VHT webpage about NTD 2018 is here.  And of course, you can check the VHT website for updated details about VHT’s NTD hike for June 2nd, 2018.



Combined outing of RAMA, NYFA, and NFBS

This is a joint trip with the Rochester Mycological Assn & NYFA. We will explore Keshequa Creek with its cliffs and see beautiful large trees. Bring
lunch. Leader: Ed Fuchs, 598-1307, edfuchs.nfbs@gmail.com Call or e-mail Ed for meeting place and time.

Earth Dance

Please join us on Saturday at the Earth Dance sponsored by and held at the Little Lakes Community Center in Hemlock. The community center is housed in the former Hemlock School across from the fair grounds.

There are activities all afternoon including:



11:30  “What is Sustainable Beef?” Fred Forsburg raises 100% grass-fed and finished cattle on organic pastures.
12:00 “Educating for Good Stewardship: The Gap Year Experience with Lagom Landing,” Laurel Nelson and Roc Castor.
1:00 “Permaculture: Earth Care, People Care, and Resource Care,” Patty Love from Barefoot Permaculture.
2:00 “Solar and Geothermal Installation Basics,” Zack Parker from ACES Energy.
3:00 “Local Medicinal Plants and Community Herbalism,” Sherry Gendreau.
4:00 “Hiking Opportunities in the Little Finger Lakes Area,” Mark Hopkins, Melissa Cohen.


Children’s Activities

12:00 “Raptor Connections, featuring Live Birds of Prey” Deana Ford, President, Braddock Bay Raptor Research,
1:00 “Reading with Rabbits,” Dorothea Prine, Story Book Cottage Rabbitry.
2:00 “Seeker’s Circle: Interactive Native Entertainment for Children,” Stan Kawasczynski, Native American Faith Keeper and Story Teller for the Seneca Nation.
3:00  “Kid Fit Exercise,” Shanna Butler Fitness and Dance (children 5 years and up.)



11:00 “Introduction to Yoga,” Audrey Harpe of Yoga Bhoga
2:00 “Yoga for Gardeners,” Audrey Harpe of Yoga Bhoga