Wheaton Hill Trail Maintenance

On Sunday 9th July, Springwater Trails will be cleaning up the Wheaton Hill Trails.There are two loops on each side of the road. We will split into four groups, with each group taking one of the loops.  We will hike the loop, clearing any branches on the trail, clipping anything that is interfering with with hiking the trail, and we will take notes concerning larger items that need to be done on the trail in the future.

NOTE: If you plan to use a weed whacker, PLEASE BRING EYE PROTECTION! These devices can kick up a lot of dust and small stones.

Bring gloves to protect your hands, loppers to cut branches and if you have one, a small saw for branches that are too large for the loppers. This trail tends to grow a LOT of grass, so we’ll need as many weed whackers as people can bring..

If the weather is good we’ll have a picnic social after the hike; bring a dish to pass and something to drink with you. If it’s cool or threatening to rain then we’ll skip the social this time.

Directions: Wheaton Hill is the first right turn north of the intersection of Rt 15 and Rt 15A in Springwater (0.9 mile north of the intersection).  The trail head is 0.5 miles up Wheaton Hill just before the road turns straight east and heads up the main hill.  More details are on the directions page.

What to bring:

  • Gloves and clippers – hand clippers or long handled loppers for larger branches.
  • A weed whacker if you have one, with gas mixture and extra string. 
  • Small bow saw.
  • Plastic grocery bags in case you find any litter.
  • Water to keep hydrated.

hike at Little Rock City on Sunday morning of 2017 Independence Day weekend


Little Rock City (a rather unique hike destination) is located in Rock City State Forest, and as cities go, well, it is not a city in the traditional sense, as occupied by humans, … it is a city of rocks.   “Little Rock City” is one of three “Rock Cities” in the Cattaraugus County, NY.   [The other two are Rock City Park (a privately owned tourist attraction of rock formations and more), and Thunder Rocks in Allegany State Park may be considered by some to be a rock city.]

For Sunday, July 2nd 2017, ST has not planned a ST hike.  BUT WAIT- do not be dismayed, here is a hike opportunity that some ST hikers may be willing to travel to and find the hike well worth the distance of travel.

The Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) runs thru Rock City State Forest, as do some other trails.

This is a hike provided by the group Chautauqua Hikes, and likely you’ll be joined by some hikers from Olean Area Hiking Group (yes, the same group that ST did a joint hike with at Hanging Bog three or so years ago).  Hikes are open to other hikers.

The two paragraphs below in italics are the hike particulars as provided.

Come out and join us for a hike at Little Rock City on Sunday July 2nd. Various skill levels are welcome.  We will meet at the park and ride on Rt 60 at 9:30am to carpool to the trail. This is a trail that we did a few times years ago but not recently. Bring
a lunch and water. Dress for the weather. The trial is hilly and rocky.
I’m not sure of the distance but we will be out all day, including travel

This state forest received its name due to the massive boulders the size of
houses which are naturally arranged so that they resemble a city with
“streets” running between them. This unique “city” is formed by many
factors including a massive resistant conglomerate bed, erosion of the weak
shale base and soil creep. The conglomerate bed actually has its own
geological designation known as Devonian Salamanca conglomerate. A
conglomerate is a rock consisting of individual stones that have become
cemented together.

 – – Please note, the carpool point (park & ride on Rt 60 at 9:30am)  listed in the two italics paragraphs above is not one that ST hikers would use, as it is in Jamestown area well west of Little Rock City.  ST hikers would be coming from the east.

Hike start time, albeit listed in this post as 10:30AM, is approximate.  Hike Leader is Eileen of Chautauqua Hikes.

Parking for this hike and Hike start locale are both at the former CCC Camp Seneca on the west side of Hungary Hollow Rd.

Carpool for ST hikers is at Springwater Town Hall with gathering time at 8:05 and depart time of 8:20AM.  (A potential carpool point in Wayland is under consideration at present.)  

Driving Directions (from Springwater Town Hall):  Drive time to the hike from Springwater is ~ 2 hours.    Rt 15 south; to Rt 21 south; to Rt 36 north ; to Rt 17 Southern Tier Expressway (aka I-86) west.  From Southern Tier expressway take Exit 23 to Rt 219 north.  From 219 north turn left at the large antique place onto Hungry Hollow Rd.  The CCC Camp Seneca parking area is a couple miles down Hungary Hollow Rd on the left.  (If you reach the intersect of McCarthy Hill Rd while on Hungary Hollow Rd you’ve gone to far.)

 – – –  Interested hikers should feel free to “log-in” to the ST website (as an authorized user) and post comments & suggestions to this post.  

As a primer, here at two links about Rock City State Forest (and more), both are on CNYhiking website.  You’ll find some photos of Little Rock City in the links.  – – A shout out of “THANKS” to Ed of CNYhiking for the plethora of fantastic info he has cataloged  for use by hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.



>>> most recent update to this hike event post by author – Tuesday 6/26/2017 ~ 11:45PM <<<

Please check this post for any additional info or changes as we approach hike day.



Conesus Lake of Fire – Picnic/Paddle

For the last two years the happy kayakers have ventured out into the center of the Annual Conesus Lake Ring of Fire, while others less willing or non-kayakers enjoyed watching the fireworks from the shore. This year Springwater Trails is invited to join the happy kayakers for a picnic at 6:00 at Long Point Park in Geneseo to celebrate the 4th of July. The kayaking will launch at 8:00 and return at 10:00.

Because Conesus Lake can be rough at times and because of the return in darkness, only experienced kayakers will participate.  Also, we’ll only kayak if the weather is favorable.

Thanks to Jim Clark, Marine Patrol on Conesus Lake, we have the privilege of grouping at the Sheriff’s Substation on the lake.  The park is expected to be crowded to we will need to limit the number of hikers to 20. Please RSVP if you are planning to join us.

Fireworks are loud and close by. Dogs on leashes are allowed, but not encouraged for the comfort of both the dog and other spectators.

Traffic will be heavy, so plan ahead.  Please arrive at 6:00 to drop off your kayaks and park on the grounds. Bring a dish to pass, a beverage, a lawn chair or blanket, flashlight,  and mosquito repellent.  We will picnic at 7:00.  The excitement begins around dusk. 

Kayakers will need to have not only life preservers, but headlamps and bright lights on their boats as we will be on the lake amidst motorboats. Staying close to the shoreline, we will experience seeing the Ring of Fire from the lake.  We must stick close together and have a buddy system since it is easy to get disorientated in the dark.  Caution should be taken to avoid other boats and to be as bright as possible.  In addition, powerful fireworks will explode directly overhead and some sparkles may be hitting the water around us.  Communication is important. We will return to Long Point, planning additional  time to secure your kayak on your car in the dark.

The Conesus Lake of Fire is an incredible local event in our area. If you have not experienced it, come join us for a fun, memorable time!