20th Annual ADK Outdoor Expo – 2017

The 20th Annual ADK-GVC Outdoor Expo will be held on Saturday, June 10th 2017 at the Beach area of Hundred Acre Pond in Mendon Ponds County Park off Douglas Road.   Presentations and interactive events are mostly centered around the beach area and contiguous areas of the adjacent parking lot.

– – Outdoor activities and learning abound at this free event. – –

Here is a hyperlink to ADK Outdoor Expo.  http://www.gvc-adk.org/expo

And here is a hyperlink to an article about the 2015 Outdoor Expo, included for reference of the myriad type activities.



Learning about birds, Sunday, May 7

On Sunday, May 7, our hike will be a joint one with Victor Hiking Trails, in Victor, closer to my new home area.  Our Mr. happiness-in-hiking is the able planner and you will shortly see more details about the hike from him.  Basically, 2 hikes will be offered.  We will offer our usual vigorous workout and, the more leisurely choice will be a nature walk in a beautiful bluebird sanctuary.  While I am listed as this group leader, I am fortunate to be joined by one or two gentlemen who have extensive experience and knowledge about local birds.  If you plan to choose this hike, bring a pair of binoculars, if you can.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn about birds, this is the best time of the year to do it, for the following reasons:

  1. Migratory birds are returning from their winter sites and can be seen, whether they’re in the process of courting and building nests, or passing through to breeding sites further north.
  2. The cocks have their colorful breeding plumage, to attract the hens, making it easier to see, and identify the gender.  After the breeding season, many cock’s plumage becomes more drab.
  3. The cocks are also singing, to proclaim their breeding territory, and attract hens.  Many bird songs are unique and they can be identified by their song, even if they can’t be seen.  With the leaves being back on the trees, seeing them can be more difficult.

I Love My Park Day, NYS 2017

I Love My Park Day (ILMPD) is annually held on the first Saturday of May, a NYS Parks initiative.  May 6th 2017 is the the 6th annual ILMPD and there are numerous opportunities in which to become involved on ILMPD.  Many NYS Parks have planned activities for ILMPD, and many of the activities are targeted with improvement of the respective park.

Info is available on “Parks and Trails New York” website at a special webpage =   www.ptny.org/ilovemypark      Information also may be available for some opportunities and activities on the NYS Parks website.   (Of note, the www.ptny.org website also holds information on numerous other observances and opportunities that occur throughout the year, all targeted at outdoor areas for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.)

The three STATE PARKS closest to the homerange of Springwater Trails hikers that have participating opportunities are Genesee Valley Greenway State Park (aka GVG), Stony Brook State Park, and Letchworth State Park.


FOGVG website (in conjunction with the GVGSP) has posted info about opportunities on the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park for ILMPD 2017.  FOGVG Facebook page

GVGSP Facebook page

An clean-up event in Little Black Creek Park, located off Scottsville Rd along the GVG (Chili, Monroe County), is scheduled at 9:00AM-12:00Noon.  There is a former Genesee Valley Canal culvert and waste weir on the GVG in Chili, so there’s an opportunity to learn and view some history at this clean-up event.  (Details can be gleaned from the FOGVG Facebook page.)

FOGVG is also leading a hike on miles 80-83 of the GVGSP at 10:00AM May 6th, in Allegany County near the hamlet of Black Creek.  (Details can be gleaned from the FOGVG Facebook page.)

STONY BROOK STATE PARK has a participatory event scheduled from 10:00AM-12:00Noon; meet at Clara Barton Shelter near the main parking area.  One of the planned activities is picking up of the gorge trail, which seasonally closed Nov 19, 2016.  (You can be one of the first this season to traverse the Gorge Trail on this day.)  Grounds cleaning, Ball Field improvements and grass seeding are also among some activities.

LETCHWORTH STATE PARK from 8:30AM – 1:00PM has planned the following participatory events.  Project/Event Description: Leaf and trash removal, garden cleaning, stone staircase maintenance (Shoveling), Playground maintenance, and invasive plant removal.   Meeting Location is at Trailside Lodge. All ages welcome.

These are merely a small smattering of the opportunities to participate in during ILMPD 2017.  – – – If passing through a park admission gate enroute to ILMPD 2017, be sure and inform the staff that you are participating in ILMPD efforts, and ask for directions to the meeting location if you need direction.







Bluebell hike with GVC on Saturday 5/6/2017

Please feel free to join our friends of Genesee Valley Conservancy aka “GVC” (which has offices in Geneseo, NY) for its annual Bluebell hike(s).  Each hike, one at 10:00AM and another at 2:00PM will be ~ 1.5-2 hours in duration and cover ~3.5 miles.  Trail conditions may be muddy, so dress accordingly, TDs (Traction Devices) may be helpful.

This hike is a rather unique opportunity!  And … you’re invited!  You’ll marvel in the wonders of the blooms on Bluebells at this time of year, and as well traverse an area where normally hikers can not, as this hike on private property has been arranged exclusively for this GVC annual Bluebell hike (walk) event.

Hike location is at 3432 Nations Rd, Geneseo, NY.

Approx GPS Coords = 42.829918, -77.803816

Please note: hike times which start respectively at 10:00AM & 2:00PM are scheduled for just one day, Saturday , May 6th, 2017.  Miss the date and you’ll need to wait a year for the hike opportunity to roll around again.   Please realize that Mother Nature does not always cooperate with preplanned dates with design to showcase Natural Splendors.  Advance predicted timing of Bluebell flowers blooming can be a tenuous undertaking, especially so in some years where weather patterns are substantially outliers from the norm.

Hike Location:  Nations Rd runs, in an overall ~ “L” shape, westerly off NY Rt 39 (aka Avon Rd, and aka Avon-Geneseo Rd) a bit north of the Village of Geneseo, and also runs southerly off Co Rd 22 (aka Fowlerville Rd) in the western reaches of the Town of Avon.  (The shortest entry to the hike locale from a main road is from NY Rt 39.)  The hike location at 3432 Nations Rd is on the approximately e-w traversing section of Nations Rd, not far from the angular corner with the n-s traversing section of Nations Rd.    Parking is with judiciousness and courtesy along the side of Nations Rd.

Directly extracted from the GVC website, below is the hike description provided by GVC.


Bluebell Hike

Bluebell Hike

This 3.5 mile hike takes place on trails that will be muddy and includes hiking through fields and over uneven surfaces.  The hike features working agricultural fields and a forest along the Genesee River that is host to a spectacular sea of Common Bluebell flowers.  The hike will take between 1.5 and 2 hours.

The hike will depart rain or shine.  There is no transportation available.  Participants must be able to complete the round trip.

The hike takes place on private property.  Please help us continue this event by only visiting with us during these scheduled times.

*Event supported by Steuben Trust Company