Ontario Pathways, hike and bike

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October 22, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Ontario Pathways, east end
Seneca, NY 14561

Just when you thought we had moved out of the picture, here we are again, leading a hike in our new Ontario County location. We have hiked the nice, flat Ontario Pathways Trail, converted from a former railroad bed, before, but usually, at the west end, by Canandaigua. This day, we’re going to explore a section we haven’t gone to before, a part of the east end, north of Stanley. Our meeting place is the parking lot on CR 20, just north of US 20. Detailed directions from Springwater are below.

Climbers and tourists will car pool north on CR 20, to the parking lot by the Orleans water tower, where SR 488 makes a right angle turn to the north. They will then walk south, on the OP trail, to the meeting point. Tourists will walk straight down the main trail and climbers will also explore 2 loop trails, east of the main trail. Naturalists will be driven to Ferguson St., where they will walk to the trail, then south on the trail to the meeting point.

The nice, flat trail is conducive to a nice autumn bike ride so, we’re also offering this option, this day. Bikers will ride south on the trail, to the parking lot in Stanley. There, they will ride the trail, northwest, across 5&20, to Spangle St. Ride north on Spangle, east on CR 4 to the trail, and south on the trail to the meeting point.

Hoping for a nice fall day, late October should still be warm enough for us to have a picnic social at the parking lot where we meet, maybe he last one of the year. Bring chairs, a folding table, if you have one, and a dish to pass. However, if one of you tries to feed margarine to Mother Nature, getting her to show her nasty side that day, we’ll reserve the option of going inside. I don’t know of any place between Stanley and Canandaigua that’s open Sunday afternoon so, think of some place in Canandaigua. I’ll check the weather forecast around the end of the week and post a final decision.

UPDATE: Congratulations!  All of you have been nice to the sweet lady and, to show her gratitude, looks like she’ll be giving us an autumn day, for our hike this Sunday, that couldn’t be better if you tried, with lots of sunshine and temps in the 70s, perfect for an outdoor picnic after the hike.  So, prepare one of your great culinary creations for us to enjoy, concluded by one of Char Buck’s fabulous desserts.  Also, pack some folding chairs.  We’re bringing a folding table but, if you have one you can bring, we could probably use it too.

From Springwater, go north on SR 15A, then east on US 20A. Turn right and continue east on US 20. At CR 20, turn left. The parking lot is immediately on the right, after you turn. Springwater Town Hall at 1:00 or Honeoye Shopping Plaza (Surefine, CVS) at 1:15 are suggested car pool locations.

And finally, for all you brilliant trivia gurus, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” was an ad for what product?

May the Schwartz be with you. See you Sunday.

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