FLT Letchworth Branch Series

May 19, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Last August, Springwater Trails started our Letchworth series. This series, which occurred once a month (usually the 3rd Sunday of the month), had to goal of hiking the entire Letchworth Branch in 2 hours segments. We have done the following hikes:

August – Mt Morris (Access A) to the Dam Visitor Center (Access B)
October – Access D to Hogsback overlook (Access C) – time constraints meant we missed continuing to the Dam Visitor Center (Access B).
November-Access D to Access E.
December – Access F to the river.
January and February – Canceled. 
March – Dygert Rd (Access H) to Oakland Rd (Access G).
April – The parade grounds (Access K) to Dygert Rd (Access H).

So what is left.

Access B to Access C – This short section is left as a personal exercise, next time you are in the area.
Access E to F. – This is a long hike which we are planning for this Sunday when a 2:00 start and an 8:30 sunset means we will have time to complete the hike.
Access F to G – Next month’s hike. (Remember, June hikes will start at 4:00)
Access K to L – This section from the Parade Grounds to where the trail returns to the road NY-436. north of Portageville, is currently a road walk. We will come back to this hike when the regular trail is reopened in the future.
Access L to the main FLT trail (Access N) – This 2.4 mile section follows the river bed along the old rail bed, and is mostly flat. We plan to complete this section in July.

All hikers will meet at 1:50 at Access Pt F on River Rd near the intersection of Picket Line Rd. We will then carpool back north to Access E in the Tourist and Naturalists cars. If you are running late, please meet us at Access E between Ridge Rd and Frost Rd. The hikes will take almost 3 hours, returning to the cars at about 5:00.

The Climbers will follow the blue access trail from the road (Access E) for 0.4 miles and turn left onto the main yellow trail. Continue on the main trail for 5.3 miles to a blue access trail going to the left. Access F and our cars are 0.3 miles up the access trail. This trail crosses many stream, some of which have steep sides. With all of the rain, we expect water is all streams, so be careful crossing each one. Total hike is 6 miles.

The Tourists will do an out and back hike of 4.6 miles to an overlook of the river and gorge. You may want to carry binoculars and check out the birds and other wildlife in the gorge. Like the Climbers, the Tourists will follow the blue access trail from Access E. Turn left onto the main trail. In a mile and a half, turn right on a blue side trail leading to the overlook (0.4 miles). After taking your time with the view, follow the blue trail back. Turn left onto the main trail. Its 1.5 miles back to a right turn onto the access trail, then back to the cars.

The Naturalists will follow the Tourists to the overlook turnoff. At the turnoff, the Naturalists will turn around, and return to the cars. This hike will be 3.8 miles (since it is an out and back hike, the Naturalists hike leader has the option to turn around earlier).

Following the hike, please join us for Pizza at the Nunda Pizza Corner on NY 408 and East St in Nunda.


From Springwater: From the light at the 4 corners, go west to follow NY 15 N for 1.5 miles to the top of the hill. Turn left onto Liberty Pole Rd (CR 38) and continue straight for 8.1 miles to Groveland. Turn left on NY-63 S and then a quick right (0.3 miles) onto NY-258 across the flats. In 1.9 miles, turn right onto NY-36 N. Pass the Correctional Facility and turn left (in 3.1 miles) on Dutch Street Rd (CR 30). Turn left to stay on Dutch Street Rd when Cleveland Rd enters from the right. Take the next right onto Ridge Rd for 3.5 miles. Turn left onto River Rd. In about half a mile, you will pass Access E on the right. Continue for 2.3 more miles past Frost Rd, Hoagland Rd, and Picket Rd. Parking for Access Point F will be on the shoulder.

From Wayland and Naples: Follow NY-21S to Wayland. Turn left (South) on NY-21 at the light in Wayland.  In 1.8 miles, turn right onto I-390N through Dansville, Use exit 6 and turn left onto NY-36 N for 2.3 miles past the Correctional Facility.  Turn left onto Dutch Street Rd and follow the Springwater directions above.

From Geneseo:  Take South St west until it turns left and becomes Mt Morris Rd. In 2.0 miles, continue straight onto NY-63S. In 2.2 miles, the road curves to the right and becomes NY-48S. (63 turns left). Continue on NY-408S into Mt Morris. Turn left on Main St, then immediately right on Chapel st, to stay on NY-408, In 2.5 miles, turn a slight right onto River Rd. You will pass Access E on the right in 2.5 miles. Continue for anothe 2.3 miles to Access F and shoulder parking. 

From Rochester: Take I390 south to exit 7. Turn left onto NY-408S and follow the Geneseo directions above.

Direction to the Nunda Pizza Corner: Head south on River Rd.  Take the first left out to NY-408. Turn south on 408 into Nunda.  The pizza will be on the left.

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