Rob’s Trail East

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May 8, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Rob's Trail Parking Lot
NY-15A & Old Bald Hill Rd S
Springwater, NY 14560

Robs KioskSunday is Mother’s Day. Please come celebrate with all our Springwater Trails mothers with a hike on Rob’s Trail and with a social at Bob and Joan’s.

This hike will explore the original Rob’s Trail on Nature Conservancy land on the east side of Rt 15A, and the connection down to Canadice Lake and the southern portion of the West side trail. This will complete the April 3rd hike connecting Hemlock Lake and Canadice Lake on the full new Rob’s Trail.

After the hike, we will meet at Bob and Joan’s for honey glazed ham and cauliflower soup, plus your favorite dish to pass.  Please bring a dish to pass, or make a contribution to the social fund.  The social fund is used to keep the bin with plates, bowls, forks and knives, napkins, coffee etc full, and to allow the host to make a special dish. Bring your own beverage. Also, please bring slippers or heavy socks to protect Joan’s floors which are in the midst of renovation.

This week we will offer four different hikes with different levels of difficulty.  All hikers should meet at the Rob’s Trail parking lot at the north end of Old Bald Hill Road South.  Be ready to start promptly at 2:00.  The four hikes will be:

  1. Up from Canadice (The climbers).
  2. Down to Canadice (The tourists).
  3. Along Canadice with no climbing (The flatlanders)
  4. At the top, around Rob’s trail (The naturalists)

The Climbers and Flatlanders will carpool from the parking lot to the South end of Canadice Lake.  Directions will be available at the start of the hike.

NOTE: Pets are not permitted on Nature Conservancy land at the top of Bald Hill. (See below for instructions for dog owners).

Meeting on Canadice Lake 3/16/2014.The Climbers will start at the south end of Canadice Lake and will walk the trail on the west of the lake, then climb Bald Hill to Rob’s Trail and continue around Rob’s trail to the trail head and the waiting cars.  The Tourists will do the reverse hike, starting at the head of Rob’s Trail.  They will hike half way around Rob’s Trail and then descend to Canadice Lake, taking the lake trail out to the south end parking area.  They will use the Climbers cars to return to the Rob’s Trail entrance.

Hikers wishing to complete the full 4 mile hike should consider whether they want to climb up Bald Hill or go down the hill.  It is a 600 foot climb in 0.4 miles (just under 3%).  The Climbers will be going up the hill (requiring more energy), and the Tourists will be going down (harder on the knees). Note: Hikers with dogs should plan to start with the Climbers and then join the Tourists when the two groups meet.

At the top of Bald Hill, Rob's Trail provides a view of the early forest starting on former fields.

At the top of Bald Hill, Rob’s Trail provides a view of the early forest starting on former fields.

Meanwhile, the Naturalists will stay on Rob’s trail at the top of Bald Hill.  This 1.75-mile Loop Trail with easy walking passes through a variety of early successional plant communities.

And the Flatlanders hike is open to anyone wanting a flat walk next to Canadice Like.  This group will start with the Climbers and will walk for 55 minutes along the lake trail and then will return along the same trail to the cars.

Click here for directions to Rob’s Trail parking lot.  Directions between the parking lot and the south Canadice Lake parking will be available at the hike.  Also, directions to Bob and Joan’s.

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  1. Thanks for planning such a complete event! And nice to see a hike route provided for Flatlanders as apropos for limitations when terrain lends itself to such, as is the case at this hike!

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