Spring is coming

It may not feel like it but, a definite sigh of spring was seen at Katherine’s, last Sunday.  The pussy willow buds had broken and the familiar catkins were coming out.  This is one of the first buds to germinate, and occurs around this time, every year.  What do you think causes this?  Probably not temperature, because that’s not the same every year, but something that’s always the same.  Let me know what you think it is.

The next sign of spring will occur a week after this Sunday.  Guess what it is, before you read further.  OK, it’s the return to daylight savings time.  Remember, you saw it here, first.

The current forecast, for the end of this week, calls for temps in the 20s, with a little fresh snow.  Remember, March comes in like a lion.  Anyway, we may be able to get in another Sunday of skiing and snowshoeing at Swain, thanks to the little varmint from PA, who saw his shadow.  Soon, we’re going to be checking hemlock trees for an invasive killer but, we have to wait till the 6 weeks are up, and the snow is gone.

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