Wednesday evening 9-28-2016 hike on GVG just south of Portageville

September 28, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Genesee Valley Greenway - 1.1mi s of Portageville
River Rd
Portageville, NY 14536

Here is an opportunity for some Springwater Trails (ST) hikers to hike a section of the Genesee Valley Greenway (GVG) just south of Portageville, at a hike organized by “Southern Tier Greenway Hiking” (yes, a group of hikers who are part of Friends of Genesee Valley Greenway (FOGVG) and hike the southern portion of the GVG, located in. … you guessed it the Southern Tier section of NYS).

Details are as follows:

Southern Tier Greenway Hiking                          Wednesday September 28th at 5:00 PM

This hike is located in Wyoming County just south of the village of Portageville. Going south on Route 19A from Portageville, New York, park at the entrance to River Road which will be on your left. River Road is 1.1 miles south of the intersection of Route 19A and Route 436 in Portageville, New York. There are no yellow gates here, but one can clearly see the Genesee Valley Greenway from Route 19A. Coming from Fillmore, New York, River Road is 8.0 miles north of the intersection of Route 19 and 19A in Fillmore. 

As one walks along, you can see farmer’s crops like corn grown on river bottom land.  Very colorful plants line the Greenway now. The pokeweed has an outstanding purple color against the red stem and green leaves. More purple is added to the environment by the New England Aster. Many yellow and orange touch-me-nots and goldenrod really brighten up the Greenway as well as bur-marigold. Nature decorations at this time of the year. Blue is another color dimension provided by wild grapes, dogwood, and Virginia Creeper. Sumac adds a beautiful red while turtlehead adds a soft pink. This hike sure demonstrates nature at its best!!! A great section of the Greenway to hike!!! Please come and join us for this hike. ( About 3.2 miles) 

You can also check the facebook page of FOGVG, for any further info or in event of some change.

For any ST members who go on this hike, you’ll have opportunity not only to gain new trail knowledge but also to meet hikers of Southern Tier Greenway Hiking.  This may open some doors on – possibility for sharing hike locale knowledge, and maybe consideration of a future joint hike.

Perhaps also of interest to some ST hikers.  There are two hikes remaining in the 2-year (2015 & 2016) Historic Interpretive Hike Series.   Series Hike 14 on Saturday, Oct 8th, 2016 in Allegany County – Towns of Belfast  to  New Hudson (in Wegmans Passport booklet hike #13)   – – AND – – on Saturday, October 22, 2016 the postponed Series Hike 11 (postponed from July 9, 2016) will take place in Livingston County – Cuylerville to Piffard (in Wegmans Passport booklet hike #7).

Both GVG Saturday hikes in the Historic Interpretive Hike Series start at 10:00AM  More details and or changes can be gleaned at the FOGVG website.  Additionally you can glean general info about the GVG from the GVG State Park website, and may also want to look at the links page which contains myriad info and links.


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