Monday evening Letchworth hike with STGH and interpreter 7/31/2017

July 31, 2017 @ 5:15 pm



**Please note, this hike is the last of three hikes that have been scheduled in weekly succession at Letchworth State Park by the Southern Tier Greenway Hiking (STGH) group with an interpreter provided.  Subsequent weekly hikes that STGH has planned will be held on trails that are further south and west of Letchworth S.P.   (At full disclosure, posting to the ST website for the previous two hikes was with only one day or so notice prior to each of those two hikes, so somewhat unfortunate in notice given for any interested hikers.  However for this hike it has been posted 4+ days in advance.)

An opportunity for a 7/31/2017 Monday hike, at Letchworth State Park, exists for ST hikers to join the members of Southern Tier Greenway Hiking group (STGH).  STGH is made up of hikers who hike the southern section of the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park (GVGSP aka GVG) and many more locations.  ST has hiked with some of these hikers during the Friends of Genesee Valley Greenway (FOGVG) annual event held in early November.  And some STGH hikers have joined-in on some ST hikes. The information about this Letchworth hike is as follows.  

“Southern Tier Greenway Hiking – Letchworth Hike, Monday July 31st at 5:15 PM.
>> Participants will meet at 5:15 PM at the Castile gate or entrance of Letchworth State Park.  Participants should not go through the Castile gate before 5:00 PM unless the driver of the vehicle is a senior citizen.  Otherwise, they will have to pay an entrance fee of $10.00 per car.  People should remember that the Portageville entrance to the park is closed because a new railroad bridge is under construction.  The participants will have to proceed north another mile or so past the Portageville entrance and turn right off of Route 19A onto Denton Corners Road that takes them to the Castile entrance gate of Letchworth State Park.
>> Jim Pomeroy, a retired DEC fish and wildlife biologist, will meet everyone at the gate and then lead them in a caravan to Trailside Lodge at Letchworth State Park.  After parking their cars, he will lead us on a hike that starts at Trailside Lodge and we will primarily be on woods roads that do not have a great change in elevation. Jim, being the great leader and teacher that he is, will talk about and point out things here and there. This is a great hiking opportunity—don’t miss out!!
** It should also be noted, subsequent to the hike, usually within a few days, often photos of the hike are posted on the FOGVG Facebook page.




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