Ellison Park Hike (43.1510, -77.5133)

March 19, 2023 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Our Spring Equinox hike this year will be in Ellison Park in the City of Rochester. This city park dates back to 1926, and covers 447 acres of city land. It has woodlands, steep slopes and the level flood plain of the Irondequoit Creek. There is one designated sledding hill and a non-motorized/car-top boat launch allowing boat access to Irondequoit Creek.  This plot of land encompasses much of the history of the locale before the city was built here. Fort Schuyler is a replica of the original Fort; Indian Landing was located on Irondequoit Creek and was used by the indigenous Iroquois as the beginning of the portage route which stretched along Ellison Park. The Lost City of Tryon, originally founded in hopes of creating a commercial settlement, used the Irondequoit Creek for trade. A store was built that bartered with the Seneca Indians, beginning Rochester’s trading roots.

You can print a copy of the park trail map here: EllisonParkMap (monroecounty.gov)  The GPS coordinates of the lodge are 43.15107, -77.5133.


The Hike Meeting Place

From all points south:

1:  Find you way onto the I-490 going north (that’s west in highway terms) towards Rochester

2:  Use the right lane to take exit 21 for NY-590 N. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for State Route 590 N and merge onto NY-590 N

3:  Take exit 6 for Blossom Rd. Turn right onto Blossom Rd

4: Ellison Park is bisected by Blossom Road; turn north onto Ellison Park Road and follow signs to Hazelwood Grove Lodge car park. Note; do not park in the dog park immediately off Blossom Road.


The Hikes

-Naturalists and Tourists will hike from Hazelwood Grove to The Pavilion round the hill, crossing Irondequoit Creek at the Indian Landing site. Visit the Fort Shuyler Trading Post and return via the service road along the creek to Hazelwood Grove.

-Climbers will cross Blossom Road then onto Rich’s Dugway Road to Coyote Trail. From Coyote trail we will take the Overlook Trail to the Overlook. On the return there will be the option of going up a beautiful gorge up to Penfield Road. From there we will return to Hazelwood Grove via the Coyote Trail.

Note; there is a very steep climb, half a mile into the hike. Poles are recommended. If it is icy, it would be good to have some extra traction on your boots.


The Social

Drive to Tryon City Tavern, 2300 Main Street, Rochester, for restorative sustenance and libations. The GPS coordinates of the tavern are (43.15946, -77.54940).


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