Bike the GVG – Avon to York Landing – May 2017

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May 20, 2017 @ 10:00 am
Erie-Attica Trail trailhead
Farmers Rd
Avon, NY 14414

So, you’ve been itching to get on your bike this Spring with impetus of a group bike outing of some kind.  Well, here is an opportunity to do just that … on the Genesee Valley Greenway (GVG) from Avon to York Landing (round trip) on Saturday May 20th, 2017 at 10:00AM.  Approximately a 17 mile round trip easy paced bike ride, and all trail mileage covered is in the nw corner of Livingston County.   Meet location is at the Erie-Attica Trail (EAT) trailhead in Avon, accessed by Farmers Road off Rts 5&20 just east of the Genesee River.

– – – A digression – – Speaking of itching, this Hike Planner has had impetus to utilize the section of the GVG shortly north of Fowlerville Rd (and south of US Rt 20), said section has a short duration of trail topped with thick stone dust (mostly fine stone sans dust), for a ST hike since early Spring 2016 just following reconstruction of said section of trail which had been necessitated as result of a huge washout area.  The thick stone dust topper (as determined during a potential preview hike in April 2016), provided wonderful cushioning upon a hikers joints, albeit bike/stroller/wheelchair wheels found much friction/consternation due to sinking in the freshly laid thick topper surface.  

Due to complaints of wheeled trail users, later in 2016 the topper surface was rolled by a heavy duty roller to make for some compaction factor, and the surface is said now to be kinder to the aforementioned narrow wheeled vehicles (and probably offers less of an exuberant opportunity for a hiker’s joints).   If there is a lesson here, perhaps it is that not all opportunities are lasting, some have but a small window of opportunity.  Still, a future ST hike planned to utilize this section of the GVG may offer multiple unique opportunities including this now somewhat tamed section of thick stone dust topper.  

Anyway, you’ll get to see this short section and so much more of the GVG via your bike on this traverse much more quickly than while on a hike. – – –

(A further digression, …for the curious, …  utilization of the aforementioned section of trail south of US Rt 20 was in consideration for the 4/24/2016 ST hike, but ultimately was scrapped from the fledgling Hike Plan due to what would have been a controverted driving route to reach the GVG trailhead parking lot on US Rt 20, all thanks to road reconstruction on US Rt 20 just east of the GVG trailhead.  -Now you know – substantially trials and tribulations that weighed in nixing this unique section of trail south of US Rt 20 for the 4/24 ST hike, … instead all hiking groups headed north from Avon.)  – – –  End of digressions. – – – 


From just inside Avon’s western town limits, to reach the Erie-Attica Trail parking lot & trailhead follow Farmers Rd to the end where you’ll find both the parking lot & the trailhead.  – – –  Seem familiar?  Well, ST has in the past (10/18/2015 hike) held a hike utilizing exactly this trailhead and parking lot, as well as parts of the connecting GVG, so yes, it may seem familiar.  And an April 24th 2016 ST hike also utilized the GVG in this area.

Detailed Directions From Springwater: Take Rt 15A North. In Lima, turn left on US Rt 20 (concurrent NY Rt 5, thus known as Rts 5&20). Follow Rts 5&20 for 7.6 miles (you will cross over I-390, pass through the hamlet of East Avon and the Village of Avon. After the traffic circle in the village, continue on Rts 5&20 for 0.8mi and turn right on Farmers Rd. The parking area is on the right, just after you pass under the flyover for the former RR truss bridge (now the Erie-Attica Trail truss bridge).

Further Event Details for this May 20th biking event are listed on the FOGVG Facebook page.

GVG Passport Booklet:  This bike ride will cover a stretch of trail where you’ll be able to avail yourself of making a rubbing in the Wegman’s Passport to Family Wellness – GVG passport booklet.   For those unfamiliar – – –   Wegmans – “Passport to Family Wellness Program” series booklet for the Genesee Valley Greenway is a passport compilation of 14 separate hikes on the GVG, each hike route having a “rubbing post” for trail users to produce a “rubbing” in their passport booklet with purpose of documenting that a trail user has completed the respective hike.  Passport booklets filled-in with rubbings can be turned in at a Wegmans retail store for redemption of coupons for Wegmans brand products and entry for a prize drawing.   So, remember to bring your GVG passport booklet on this bike ride.


(Event post initially published on 5/7/2017, updated 5/17/2017.)

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