Hike Recap Ontario Pathways

Beautiful biking weather last Sunday. Not bad for hiking either. Mark and Pati took to the trail on foot with the Westies. The rest of us greased up our chains and pumped up our tires(except for Dena) for a leisurely trip down the rail trail from Orleans to Flint. Lots of flora a fauna were viewed along the route. Pam pointed out Tansy, a flowering plant sown by farmers to keep away flies.

On the Rail Trail 8/17/14

Pam plays with railroad spikes

Too bad it did not work on mosquitoes. We were also on the lookout for poison sumac. The trail was lovely and shaded in many areas, with a steep drop to the creek. Fortunately we did not veer off into any of the ravines. The trip south took us just under an hour, but the return trip was much faster. Bikers seemed to get their legs on the return journey. Had we known that, we could have made it all the way to Stanley in the allotted time.

About a mile from the finish we encountered some of our hikers who had arrived late: Katherine, Gene, and Georgia were meandering the trail observing the plants and fending off insects. All returned to the parking area in plenty of time to head out to our social.

Social at the Green Front 8/17/14

Social at the Green Front 8/17/14

Thanks to John, we landed at a perfect spot for hungry hikers, the Green Front, in Canandaigua. Beer was great, several varieties on tap, and food was most delicious, especially the free pizza enjoyed by Melissa and John. Hats off to the crew at the Green Front.

Hope to see you all on the trail next week.

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