Two-fer Hike – Naples Creek / Grimes Glen Trails

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January 28, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
DEC Parking Area
New York

Note: Change of hike location due to hazardous ice conditions on the Middlesex Valley Trail

This Sunday we will hike two trails on the outskirts of the Village of Naples, connecting the two with some sidewalk hiking in the village.   The first is the Naples Creek Trail, which follows the eastern edge of Naples Creek within the Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area. The second is Grimes Glen Park, a steep and spectacular glen on the west side of the village.  Both trails offer splendid creek-side scenery and are partly snow covered with some icy areas underneath, so poles and traction devices are highly recommended.  Most of the walk will be on level ground, with one moderate climb and descent in the south half of the Naples Creek Trail. Wear layers, as there may be significant temperature variation.

All hikers will begin together, heading south from the DEC Field Station parking area off Route 245. The Naples Creek Trail starts out just above creek level, and rises in the second half so you are looking down on the creek from part way up the hill.  Coming out at a DEC parking area on Mark Circle, we will follow Mark Circle, Main Street and Weld Street to Vine Street and Grimes Glen County Park at the north end of Vine Street.  We will hike into Grimes Glen alongside the creek as far as we can go safely – less than 1/2 mile (no hiking on the creek surface) – and then return back on Vine Street to Naples’ historic and picturesque Main Street.

From here Climbers will head through the business district, past the Neapolitan, and turn right across from the High School on Ontario Street. At the end of Ontario Street is a bridge which will take us back across Naples Creek and back to our starting point, a total of 4.7 miles. Tourists may also leave cars at Mark Circle and hike back to Mark Circle from Grimes Glen, limiting their hike to about 3.5 miles, or skip the Grimes Glen leg of the hike and directly head back to the start along Main and Ontario Streets and the Naples Creek Trail (about 3 miles).  Naturalists may leave a car at the DEC lot on Mark Circle, limiting their hike to about 1.6 miles and driving to Grimes Glen for another short hike there if they wish.

Following the hike, please join us for an optional social at the Neapolitan Brick Oven Pizzeria, 120 N. Main St, in Naples. 

DIRECTIONS: From Springwater/Dansville/Wayland: Take Rt 21N into Naples. Turn left onto Main St for 1.5 miles. Turn right on Rt#245 (across from Bob and Ruth’s). Continue 0.2 miles, cross Naples Creek, and park on your right outside the DEC Field Station.

From Honeoye: Take Rt#36 south into Naples, left on Main St for approximately 1.25 miles. Right on Rt#245 (Across from Bob and Ruth’s.  Continue 0.2 miles, cross Naples Creek, and park on your right outside the DEC Field Station.

From Canandaigua: Take Rt#21S to Naples. Turn left across from Bob’s and Ruth’s. Continue 0.2 miles, cross Naples Creek, and park on your right outside the DEC Field Station.

Parking Area on Mark Circle:  Turn from Main Street onto Mark Circle next to the antique shop. Pass the Town Water Department on your right. There is a DEC Fishing Station parking area on the left, not well plowed – do not park there.  Instead go past this lot and go in the next driveway, which has a large cleared lot and picnic tables.

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