Stid Hill from Dugway Road

September 29, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Dugway Road Trailhead

The primary purposes of Stid Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) are for wildlife management, wildlife habitat management, and wildlife-dependent recreation. This WMA is a 847-acre tract of land situated in the townships of Bristol and South Bristol in Ontario County. It is bounded by Route 64 on the west and Dugway Road on the north. Ganargua Creek, better known as Mud Creek, flows along Route 64. At one time, Stid Hill was productive sheep and cattle grazing land. Today, grazing has been eliminated. The mixture of steep hills, ravines, gullies, gorges, woods, and open areas create scenic vistas and also provide varied wildlife habitats.

The hike on Sunday Sept 29th will begin at the Dugway Road trail head @ 2:00; please arrive by 1:45. There is only a small parking area here, so please pull off and park on the shoulder near the trail head. The trailhead is easy to miss – it’s just a widening of the road after a sharp turn. The trail head is on the south side of the road and marked with a discreet DEC sign a little too far from the road.There are two loop trails from here as well as a trail that continues over the hill to the blue and yellow trails, which go down to the Rt 64 trailhead. Today we will be hiking both of the loop trails (1 to 2.5 miles), and the Climbers will venture beyond the loop trails and farther into the WMA (3-4 miles). Please bring good footwear and poles as needed.

From the trail head, the initial quarter mile is a good path, although it may be a bit wet and slippery if there has been recent rain. You will come to a prominent “Stop” sign and a gate. This is a little misleading; there are public trails to the left and right if these barriers. Both of these trails make up the short loop trail. Above this loop there is a much longer loop trail.

Climbers: Will cover a little more trail at a faster pace…they will continue up the incline (not a real serious one, as this area typically offers otherwise) then make a right into the denser woods. Arriving at several large shaggy hickory trees that have many yellow paint marks on them (probably used a bucket of paint here) we will turn left, continuing on the portion of the yellow trail that heads south, through a grove of thorn trees. We will then hike through a serene pine forest, and turn right onto a short trail that passes by an old pickup truck. Heading downhill, we will turn right onto the return loop through the pine & shaggy hickory forest.

Tourists: From the Stop sign, turn onto the trail to the left going up the ravine. There will be DEC signs on your right. At the first cross ravine, turn right and take the trail up the bank onto the top part of the short loop trail. Watch for the trail that goes uphill on the left, and turn here. Farther along, there will be some DEC Foot Trail markers. Continue until you come to an intersection where there are some larger trees with a lot of pink paint. Turn right on the pink trail, which is well marked and will lead you through the woods back to the intersection of the loop trails. From here, follow the wide pink marked trail down the hill and back to the Stop sign.

Naturalists: From the Stop sign, follow the trail to the right past a length of crash barrier, then uphill on a broad trail into the Stid Hill WMA. This trail is well marked with pink paint. Very shortly, you will come to a pink marked trail that turns left into the woods. This will take you to the intersection of both loop trails. Here you will take an immediate sharp left turn that crosses the top of the short loop trail. This trail does not have pink markers, but there are DEC Foot Trail signs (although they tend to be on the opposite sides of trees traveling this direction). This part of the trail can be a bit wet and muddy in spots. Continue to the end and turn left onto the ravine trail that will lead back down to the Stop sign.

After Hike Social:          Brew and Brats at Arbor Hill      6461 BB State Route 64 , Naples, NY   14512      (585) 531-4113     Approximately 6 miles from the Dugway trailhead via Rt 21 South


From the north: Starting at Route 5 & 20 in Bloomfield, drive south down Route 20A/64 for 5.3 miles to the intersection with Cty Rd 32 at Bristol Center. Continue for 1.4 miles and turn left on Dugway Road. If you come to a Stid Hill MUA parking area, you’ve come too far south – turn around and try again. Trailhead is on the right exactly 2.0 miles from Rt 64.

From the south: From the intersection of Rt 21 and 64 in Bristol Springs, drive north on Rt 64 for 6.5 miles. You will pass by two separate Stid Hill parking area signs on your right. Take the first right turn onto Dugway Road. It is 2 miles to the trailhead.

From Springwater, Head north to 20A, turning right just before Hemlock. Stay on 20A through Honeoye, and continue until it ends at Rt 64. Turn right and drive south on Rt 64 for 3 miles. Turn left onto Dugway Rd and go 2.0 miles to the trailhead.

Dugway Road is a good dirt road.  Please park carefully on the shoulder. There isn’t much parking space to be had.

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