Schribner Valley

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January 26, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
8664 Schribner Rd

Last week we hiked on the Genesee Valley Greenway, a nearly flat and straight section of the old railroad bed. This week it is time for something completely different, as we will follow old farm and logging roads up and down the valley south of Schribner Rd. As usual in the winter, the hikes will adjust to the weather but we are expecting there will be enough snow to enjoy cross country skiing, but also to allow a good hiking experience. So load up your car with your skis, your snowshoes and waterproof hiking boots and come enjoy the woods of Springwater.

NOTE: This hike will start at the intersection of two seasonal roads parts of which are closed in the winter. Please take a minute to read the directions below before trying to find your way.

There will be three hikes to choose from, based on the weather, and the wishes of the hikers.

Skiers: This route will take our skiers to both sides of the valley to enjoy the paths along the various forests of the area. You will see a hardwood forest on the steeper slopes which was logged about five years ago, plus several different evergreen forests planted in the 50’s. Most of the route will be along the contours, but expect a few steeper sections. We won’t nail our skies to our boots, so taking them off when the path is too step will be an option for everyone. Expect about 5 miles of skiing.

Tourists: Linda will lead the Tourists and Climbers along the creeks (these creeks flow south to the Cohocton River and to the Chesapeake Bay) and up the hill through the woods. Winter is a great time to explore areas that are too wet in the summer and to see landscape that is hidden behind natural greenery in warmer months, so this hike may take you places you haven’t been.  Expect a good 3.5 mile winter hike.

Naturalists: And best of all, Katherine has agreed to lead the Naturalists on a loop around the near side of the valley. Come enjoy views from high above the creeks, look for the many types of trees from White to Red Pine, Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine and Larch trees. You can also see Black Cherry, Oak and Maple, Apple and Poplar.  Katherine will point out the Red Pine woods planted in the 30s by the Teed family, and the Larch and Red Pine woods planted in the 60s by the Barnes cousins – both were 4-H projects. This route will take you around two ponds and near the Mushroom farm – just speak up if you miss the mushroom logs.

Following the hikes, please join us for a dish-to-pass social at the house.  Linda is promising tacos.

Directions: Do not enter either Schribner Rd or Giles Rd from Strutt St (the west end). You must come into Schribner Rd from Tabors Corners Rd on the east side.  If you use a GPS, set it for the intersection of Tabors Corners and Schribner.  The follow Schribner for exactly one mile to the driveway on the left at the intersection of Schribner and Giles. Thanks to the Springwater Highway Department, you will find street signs at each of these intersections!

The final address is 8664 Schribner Rd. The sign a the end of the driveway says Hopkins and the mailbox says 8664. You are welcome to park in the driveway right up to the garage or out on the road.  It is recommended that you head your car out as you park during the daylight.

From Wayland and points west: From the intersection of NY 15, 63 and 21 in Wayland, take NY-21 N east for 3.0 miles.  Turn left at the sign for Bowles Corners (maps show this is Tabors Corners Rd). In 2.0 miles turn left onto Schribner Rd. In 1.0 miles the driveway is on the left.

From North Cohocton and points east: From the intersection of NY 21 from Naples, and NY 371 from Cohocton, head west on NY 21S for 3.8 miles. Turn right at the sign for Bowles Corners (maps show this is Tabors Corners Rd). In 2.0 miles turn left onto Schribner Rd. In 1.0 miles the driveway is on the left.

From points north: Take Wheaton Hill Rd up from NY 15A, or Tibbals Rd from Ontario County 37, up to Wetmore Rd in Springwater. Turn south on Wetmore, up over the hill to a stop sign at Tabors Corners Rd.  Turn right onto Tabors Corners Rd for 3.5 miles.  Turn right onto Schribner Rd. In 1.0 miles the driveway is on the left.

If you get lost, call 678-1757 and tells us the last road sign you saw!

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