Bristol Hills Branch Hike #5

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November 19, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Italy Hill
Dunn Rd
Branchport, NY 14418

This Sunday, Springwater Trails will continue our monthly hike series on the Bristol Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail.on the hills east of Italy Valley. Next month we will hike down from these hills to Italy valley but for this hike we will stay between 1400ft and 2100ft. As of Friday, Snow and temperatures at 32 are predicted.  Expect some slippery slopes where walking sticks will be helpful.

NOTE: Due to hunting season closures, we will be skipping the section of the Bristol Hills Branch between Williams Rd and Pulteney Rd. But don’t worry, we will return to this section in January.

The trail from Pulteney Rd to Dunn Rd begins and ends with road walks. The 2.1 mile off road portion will form the heart of our hikes, of which we will have three levels.

All hikers will meet at the parking area at the end of Dunn Rd.  This will be the end point for the Climbers and Tourist hikes. From the parking area, we will all carpool to the two starting points, while dropping off cars to pick up the Naturalists on CR 34 (Italy Turnpike).

IMPORTANT: If you are a Naturalist (wanting to hike 2.1 miles) and are willing to arrive at 1:45 to leave your car to transport Naturalists back to our meeting place, please RSVP by email to info at

The Climbers‘ hike (4.8 miles) will include all road walks for hikers who want to complete the entire BHB. We will start at Access 11 with a road walk along Pulteney Rd.  The road has a gradual downslope to Fivemile Creek. This is followed by a steep climb up about 120 ft, where the orange trail leaves the road to the left.The trail is fairly level for 2.1 miles. We will travel along a corn field before entering a Sugarbush around a beautiful stream with small waterfalls. The first road we cross is Italy Hill Rd.  Turn left and walk a hundred feet to the next hedge row. It is the same at Wetmore Rd – turn left on the road to the first hedgerow. At Emerson Rd the trail continues just a bit to the right.We will come out on onto CR 34 at mile 3. From this point, turn right on CR 34, and then left on Dunn Rd, to finish at the original gathering spot. Cars that were left at the end of Dunn Rd, can be used to retrieve the  climber’s cars on Pulteney Rd.

The Tourists and Naturalists will start at the point where the trail leaves Pulteney Rd north of Access 11. Since the Tourists are hiking farther (3.9 miles) than the Naturalists (2.1 miles), they should take the lead. The trail  will cross three roads (Italy Hill Rd (go left), Wetmore Rd (go left) and Emerson Rd (slight right)) before coming out onto CR 34 after 2.1 miles. We will have a car waiting on CR 34 for the Naturalists, who can drive east on CR 34 to Dunn Rd and then back to the parking lot, Meanwhile the Tourists will continue to hike to the right on CR 34, and then left on Dunn Rd. 

Following the hike, we will return to Naples for an optional dinner at the Redwood Inn.

Carpool instructions at the Hike: These instructions may be modified based on the number of hikers on the day of the hike.
One naturalist will be needed to drive the naturalists back to their cars. This person will drive their car from the Dunn Rd parking lot to CR 34. Another car will pick this driver up to go to the start of the hike.
The Climbers will drive all hikers to the start. They will head south on Dunn Rd back to CR 34, Turn left on CR 34. At the intersection with Italy Hill Rd, we will cross the road and turn right onto Pulteney Rd. Just before heading down the hill to Filemile Creek, we will stop to drop off the Naturalists and Tourists. The Climbers will then continue south east until the road turns east. This is Access where the trail comes in from the west. Climbers should turn around and park to the east of the access point on the north side of the road.

Directions: From the southern end of Naples, follow NY 53 toward Prattsburg. In 1.1 miles, turn left onto Italy Valley Rd (CR 21). In 5.5 miles, take a slight right onto Italy Hill Turnpike (CR 34). In 2.6 miles, turn left onto Dunn Rd. A large parking lot is at the end of the drivable portion of  Dunn Rd. If the parking area is full, or too muddy, park along the road facing toward CR 34.



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