Springwater Trails Calendar

Bike the GVG – Avon to York Landing – May 2017 @ Erie-Attica Trail trailhead
May 20 @ 10:00 am

So, you’ve been itching to get on your bike this Spring with impetus of a group bike outing of some kind.  Well, here is an opportunity to do just that … on the Genesee Valley Greenway (GVG) from Avon to York Landing (round trip) on Saturday May 20th, 2017 at 10:00AM.  Approximately a 17 mile round trip easy paced bike ride, and all trail mileage covered is in the nw corner of Livingston County.   Meet location is at the Erie-Attica Trail (EAT) trailhead in Avon, accessed by Farmers Road off Rts 5&20 just east of the Genesee River.

– – – A digression – – Speaking of itching, this Hike Planner has had impetus to utilize the section of the GVG shortly north of Fowlerville Rd (and south of US Rt 20), said section has a short duration of trail topped with thick stone dust (mostly fine stone sans dust), for a ST hike since early Spring 2016 just following reconstruction of said section of trail which had been necessitated as result of a huge washout area.  The thick stone dust topper (as determined during a potential preview hike in April 2016), provided wonderful cushioning upon a hikers joints, albeit bike/stroller/wheelchair wheels found much friction/consternation due to sinking in the freshly laid thick topper surface.  

Due to complaints of wheeled trail users, later in 2016 the topper surface was rolled by a heavy duty roller to make for some compaction factor, and the surface is said now to be kinder to the aforementioned narrow wheeled vehicles (and probably offers less of an exuberant opportunity for a hiker’s joints).   If there is a lesson here, perhaps it is that not all opportunities are lasting, some have but a small window of opportunity.  Still, a future ST hike planned to utilize this section of the GVG may offer multiple unique opportunities including this now somewhat tamed section of thick stone dust topper.  

Anyway, you’ll get to see this short section and so much more of the GVG via your bike on this traverse much more quickly than while on a hike. – – –

(A further digression, …for the curious, …  utilization of the aforementioned section of trail south of US Rt 20 was in consideration for the 4/24/2016 ST hike, but ultimately was scrapped from the fledgling Hike Plan due to what would have been a controverted driving route to reach the GVG trailhead parking lot on US Rt 20, all thanks to road reconstruction on US Rt 20 just east of the GVG trailhead.  -Now you know – substantially trials and tribulations that weighed in nixing this unique section of trail south of US Rt 20 for the 4/24 ST hike, … instead all hiking groups headed north from Avon.)  – – –  End of digressions. – – – 


From just inside Avon’s western town limits, to reach the Erie-Attica Trail parking lot & trailhead follow Farmers Rd to the end where you’ll find both the parking lot & the trailhead.  – – –  Seem familiar?  Well, ST has in the past (10/18/2015 hike) held a hike utilizing exactly this trailhead and parking lot, as well as parts of the connecting GVG, so yes, it may seem familiar.  And an April 24th 2016 ST hike also utilized the GVG in this area.

Detailed Directions From Springwater: Take Rt 15A North. In Lima, turn left on US Rt 20 (concurrent NY Rt 5, thus known as Rts 5&20). Follow Rts 5&20 for 7.6 miles (you will cross over I-390, pass through the hamlet of East Avon and the Village of Avon. After the traffic circle in the village, continue on Rts 5&20 for 0.8mi and turn right on Farmers Rd. The parking area is on the right, just after you pass under the flyover for the former RR truss bridge (now the Erie-Attica Trail truss bridge).

Further Event Details for this May 20th biking event are listed on the FOGVG Facebook page.

GVG Passport Booklet:  This bike ride will cover a stretch of trail where you’ll be able to avail yourself of making a rubbing in the Wegman’s Passport to Family Wellness – GVG passport booklet.   For those unfamiliar – – –   Wegmans – “Passport to Family Wellness Program” series booklet for the Genesee Valley Greenway is a passport compilation of 14 separate hikes on the GVG, each hike route having a “rubbing post” for trail users to produce a “rubbing” in their passport booklet with purpose of documenting that a trail user has completed the respective hike.  Passport booklets filled-in with rubbings can be turned in at a Wegmans retail store for redemption of coupons for Wegmans brand products and entry for a prize drawing.   So, remember to bring your GVG passport booklet on this bike ride.


(Event post initially published on 5/7/2017, updated 5/17/2017.)

The Finger Lakes Trail in Naples @ Hanggi Tree Farm
May 21 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm

The plan for this hike has changed!

Now we will meet at 1:30 p.m. at the house of Gideon Hanggi at 7976 Route 21 in Naples. The house is black with red shutters; it is at the north end of Naples, opposite the Hanggi Christmas Tree Farm.

There is a meadow to the south side of the house – that’s the left as you look at the house. At the southern end of the meadow there is a dirt driveway – drive up as far as the tree line and park.

This Sunday is a trail-making and trail maintenance hike on the section of the Finger Lakes Trail in Naples that the club is responsible for. Mr. Hangii has built a magnificent new bridge over a deep gulley carrying a stream, a short distance downhill from the existing route. We will re-route the Bristol Hills Branch (BHB) of the Finger Lakes Trail to take advantage of this bridge, allowing hikers to avoid the present awkward crossing, and also to take in the superb setting of the bridge – it is sited below a lovely little waterfall, and above a larger one.

In order to get all the work done, we plan to get everyone to the work site with as much time as possible given to trail making. We’ll get there via Mr. Hanggi land rather than the one-hour hike to the site from either direction on the BHB. For those who can’t manage the steep climb to the top of the hill, Mr. Hanggi has offered to ferry people there in his 4-wheel drive vehicle – and back again of course for those who would like a ride! The site itself is on a slope, but it is manageable for all our hikers. The new route will follow the stream on both banks, which is also worth a good many photographs.

Please bring some tools with you to help trim back any brush that has grown into the pathway – loppers to trim brambles and roses are usually the most useful. Work gloves are also very necessary – roses can be sharp and mean! We’ll also clear away any fallen branches that we can manage. If heavier work is needed, such as mowing and tree removal then we’ll note what needs to be done and get it organized separately. It’s still early in the year, so we are not expecting any heavy encroachment of the undergrowth as yet. If anyone can bring a weed whacker, we’d like to get a crew of 2 people to walk up the trail from the cemetery in Naples and whack down some undergrowth about half way to the work site. This crew doesn’t have to walk all the way to the top of the hill if they don’t want to – the trail is clear for most of the way.

This hike is usually a dry hike, with good views at the higher elevations near Seman Road. The trail down to Naples follows a beautiful shale stream, with plenty of deep gullies and waterfalls – and there’s lots of water in the stream at the moment.

Climbers, Tourists and Naturalists:We’ll all stay together on this hike. Mr. Hanggi will transport anyone who needs help getting up and down the hill.
The social following the hike will take place at Bob and Ruth’s in Naples, where we are meeting.
Directions: From downtown Naples, follow Rt. 21 north past the junction of Rt. 245. Hanggi’s Tree Farm is marked by a large brown barn on the east side (that’s on the right as you drive north towards Canandaigua), a couple of hundred yards after the Rt. 245 junction, and Mr. Hanggi’s house is opposite. If you are coming from the south then you have already passed the meadow driveway, so take it slowly after Rt. 245.
Tire Cleanup – Postponed!!! @ Marrowback Rd
May 23 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

This event has been postponed again.  We are still trying to line up the equipment listed below.  Please stay tuned.

During our April 2 hike down Marrowback Rd, the many tires in the gullies below the road became a topic of conversation and concern. In addition to being an eye-sore, discarded tires are a convenient breeding site for mosquitos and can be a fire hazard.

Since that hike, we have talked with two major landowners and to the Town of Springwater about working to remove these tires and move them to a more appropriate place.

Our first day to work on this project will be May 23 at 10:00.  Please come as we develop methods for pulling the tires up to the road and transporting them to the Town highway barn for disposal.

What to bring:

  1. Good work gloves.
  2. Good hiking boots. If desired, traction devices to help climbing up to the road.
  3. Rope to loop around tires.
  4. Clothes that can get dirty while working around heavy, wet tires.

In addition to helping with your energy and your muscles, you may want to lend your farm equipment. We need the following equipment:

  1. Power winches to pull the tires up the bank. If you have a vehicle with a power winch, we think that would be a great help in this project.
  2. Trailers to transport the tires.
  3. Trucks to pull the trailers. We will try to move the tires to the town Highway barn so the town Highway department can schedule disposal.
  4. Ropes to help handling the tires and the winches.

If you can volunteer any of this equipment, please leave a comment in the Tire Forum or contact John at vp@springwatertrails.org.

One final comment. A $2.50 fee has been collected since 2003 on every tire sold in New York State. In addition, any Tire Service company is required to accept, on a one-for-one basis old tires for recycling when new tires are sold. As a result, you have already paid for the disposal of your old tires and you should be returning them when you purchase new tires. Please remember, you do not need to dump your old tires into our forests.

Sunday Hike May 28 at Swain @ Robinson Loop Trail
May 28 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The scenic Robinson Loops Trail awaits us this week.  This area is a privately owned wildlife sanctuary and is connected to the Finger Lakes Trail.  Prepare to be dazzled by ravines, streams, young forests, old growth trees, and panoramic views from open fields.   Our meeting place will be at the parking area at the end of Mill St. in Swain NY.  Please follow this link for information and a map of the area  http://cnyhikig.com/FLT-RobinsonLoopTrails.htm .

For those of you who would like to carpool, please meet at the Springwater Town Hall at 1:00 PM on Sunday.

As usual, We  will divide into three groups.  Volunteers are needed to lead the Tourist and Naturalist groups.

Naturalists will enjoy a leisurely stroll along Caneseraga Creek on the Main Trail and the Yellow Loop.  There should be some wildldflowers and various trees to identify.  The rock ledges are quite extraordinary. It is a pleasant jaunt of 2.3 miles.

Tourists  will be taking the “high road”, climbing gradually up the Blue Loop to the open fields that offer lovely views of the area.  The elevation gain on this hike is 504 feet.  Total mileage is 3.4.

Climbers will head for the woods on the Orange Loop, exploring a stream and ravine, looking for some old growth trees.  If time permits they can take in some of the views from the Blue Loop.  The trail is steep in places, with an elevation gain of 539 ft. Total miles about 4.5.

Directions:  From Springwater, follow Rte 15 South to Wayland, then Rte 63 South to Dansville.  Pick up Rte. 36 South in Dansville and follow to Junction of Rte 70.  Turn right on 70, travel through Canaseraga, until left turn into Swain.

After Hike Social will be at the Sierra Inn in Swain.



National Trails Day 2017 in Victor @ Ganondagan State Historic Site Visitor's Center
Jun 3 @ 9:00 am

Annually, one of two big shindigs (of a hiking variety) that Victor Hiking Trails (VHT) sponsors, is National Trails Day (NTD) observed the first Saturday of June.  In 2017, the 25th year for this event in Victor, the date is June 3rd and the starting location is at Ganondagan State Historic Site Visitor’s Center located at 7000 Boughton Hill Road (County Road 41)     .

VHT is of course one of many hiking groups that plans some organized observance on NTD.  Yep, that word “national” does in fact imply many groups across the USA observe or celebrate NTD in some manner.   Now, before I describe more about NTD activities, you were wondering what the other big shindig that VHT has annually.  Weren’t You?  Answer: the second big shindig VHT does is the VHT “Challenge Hike” usually held in late September.

NTD in Victor with VHT is usually three serial hikes, with a break in between each of the three hikes for rest and refreshment. The first hike is a morning hike and the last hike finishes in the afternoon.

You can read about National Trails Day from 2017 in the the VHT newsletter The Pathfinder Spring 2017 edition (volume 22, issue 1, page 1).   And of course, you can check the VHT website for updated details about the NTD hike for June 3rd, 2017.

If you’re Interested in past years NTD in Victor, …two most recent years are cited: National Trails Day from 2016 in the VHT newsletter The Pathfinder 2016 Spring edition , and from 2015 The Pathfinder Spring 2015 edition (volume 20, issue 1, page 6).

Springwater Community Day Hike – Canceled
Jun 4 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Today’s hike is canceled. 

Thunderstorms are predicted from 11 to 8 this afternoon. The Springwater Community Day is postponed and hiking during a thunderstorm is not recommended. Enjoy your indoor activities and join us next Sunday at Pat and Tony’s for a Conesus Lake Inlet hike.

20th Annual ADK Outdoor Expo – 2017 @ Beach area of Hundred Acre Pond Mendon Ponds County Park
Jun 10 @ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

The 20th Annual ADK-GVC Outdoor Expo will be held on Saturday, June 10th 2017 at the Beach area of Hundred Acre Pond in Mendon Ponds County Park off Douglas Road.   Outdoor activities and learning abound at this free event, 9:30AM-3:30PM.

Presentations and interactive events are mostly centered around the beach area and contiguous areas of the adjacent parking lot.

Here is a hyperlink to ADK Outdoor Expo.  http://www.gvc-adk.org/expo

And here is a hyperlink to an article about the 2015 Outdoor Expo, included for reference of the myriad type activities.



Conesus Lake Inlet @ Pat and Tony's
Jun 11 @ 1:45 pm – 4:00 pm

NOTE: This hike will start at 2:00PM (Please meet at 1:45 to allow for car-pooling).

The Conesus Lake Inlet is an 1100 acre Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

On June 11th we will walk 2 or 3 areas in this WMA.

We will meet, prior to the hike, at 7980 State Route 256, Dansville NY (approx. half-way between Dansville and Scottsburg)

The trails are not maintained on a regular basis so some bush-whacking may be necessary.  Because of the rainy weather the ground may be soggy.  Recommend long pants and stout footwear.   This is a good opportunity to see some nice ponds and possibly some wild life

Meet a Pat and Tony’s at 1:45 to get organized.  Some of the parking areas are small so maybe we can cram into 4 or 5 vehicles.

After the hike all are welcome to meet at Pat & Tony’s for a social.  Bring a dish to pass. Tony will attempt to cook some Zweiglers.


From Springwater: Turn (left or Right) at light onto Springwater Hill (Rt 15), In 1.5 miles turn left onto Liberty Pole Road (CR 38) In 3.6 miles turn left  onto Stage Coach Road (Rt 255) in 1.8 miles turn right onto Rt 256 (W Swamp Rd) in .3 miles you will arrive at Pat & Tony’s at 7980 State Route 256.   (The last intersection prior to this location is Powell Road, on the left, we are in the blue house (sits back) on the left side after Powell Road.   If you reach Springwater Road (CR1) you’ve gone too far

From Wayland:  Start point Mobil/7-eleven on corner.  Head west on Rt 63, (past the High School), go down Wayland Hill to Main St, Dansville, turn right on Perine Street and Perine street will turn into Route 256, proceed approx. 4.8 miles to 7980 State Rt 256 on left.

Will put a flag near diveway

Cohocton Valley @ Deusenbery Farm
Jun 18 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This Sunday is our first 4:00 hike of the summer season. Please plan to arrive shortly before 4:00 PM on Sunday, June 18.

Our hike this Sunday will explore the fields and woods along the Cohocton River in Atlanta, NY (not GA, but NY). The hike will be through rolling hills and along farm roads and through forests. We will walk along the Cohocton River, so bring your fishing gear if you would like to catch some trout. Hikes for Climbers and Naturalists will be available.

We will meet on a field road off of Rt 21.  Watch for the Springwater Trails sign on Rt 21 and follow the road back to a parking area near the pond. Following the hike, join us for a “dish to pass” social with hamburgers and hotdogs on Cheryl’s grill.  Bring a dish to pass and your own beverage, or make a small ($5) contribution to the social fund.


From Wayland, Springwater and Dansville: From the traffic light in Wayland on Rt 15, follow NY 21N east toward N. Cohocton and Naples. In 3 miles you will pass over the Cohocton Creek at Bowles Corners. Continue for another half mile. The driveway will be on the right just before you pass the “School Bus Stop Ahead” sign. Look for the Springwater Trails sign. Continue for about 400 ft (0.1mi) down the farm road to park near the pond.

From Naples, Honeoye and N Cohocton: Take NY 21S from Naples. Turn right to stay on NY 21S through N. Cohocton. In 3.3 miles, the driveway will be on your left, just before the guardrails.  Look for the Springwater Trails sign. Continue for about 400 ft (0.1mi) down the farm road to park near the pond.

Springwater Town Public Hearing @ Springwater Town Hall
Jun 19 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

This public hearing has been rescheduled for June 19.

The Spirngwater Town Board will hold a Public Hearing for the adoption of its first Comprehensive Plan.