Schribner Valley Bonfire

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January 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Hopkins Yard
8664 Schribner Rd
Wayland, NY 14572

Pond from the cabin as seen in 1966.

Our Sunday hike this week will be on private property around the Schribner Valley in Springwater. In order to adjust to weather conditions on the day of the hike, the plan below may need to change. This plan has been updated to reflect the heavy snow on the ground as of Wednesday. We highly recommend snowshoes or skis to best enjoy the snow – poles will be valuable to everyone.

There will be four routes for Climbers, Tourists, Naturalists and Skiers. Hikers and snowshoers can enjoy the first three routes. The skiing trail has been marked, but will be led by a volunteer on the day of the hike.  A map will be provided, but it is important to follow the ski track to avoid getting lost.

Please note that these hikes are on private trails with various levels of maintenance. You will need to step over some recently fallen trees. With the deep snow each step should be done carefully.

All hikers will meet at our house.  There is parking available on the driveway in front of the garage, and also on the road, both around the intersection and turning to the right on Schribner.

All trails will start up our open field. Follow the tracks in the snow.  When tracks cross, please continue straight across without disturbing the crossing trail so the other group can also follow their trail.

The Naturalists will head up hill along a trail near the road. Upon reaching the top of the field. A left turn will take us to a second field along a Red Pine forest planted in the early 1930s. From there, we will follow the edge of the valley to our A-frame built back in 1962 from logs cut on the property, and then by the parent White Pine which was out in an open field in the 1950s. This hike will be about 2 miles with an over elevation change of 200 feet.

The Climbers and Tourists will head up the valley, crossing onto our neighbors  property. We will curve around crossing the valley following logging trails. After returning to our woods, the climbers will turn right heading up to the top of the hill. They will definitely earn their name on this climb, but the reward will be that “its all down hill from there”. The tourists will continue straight on a more level trail.

The Skiers will also head up the field for a view. Taking advantage of gravity, they will come back down the field, then head down past the old cabins and climb up the other side of the valley.  A left turn will take them along the old farmer’s road across onto another neighbors who has given us permission to enjoy the snow.  Follow the trail as it turns right and returns on the uphill side of the woods. Another right turn will head down the hill – this will be the steepest hill on the route and likely a good time to practice carrying skis on your shoulders. From the creek, follow your tracks up and continue straight back to the house.

Following the hike, all hikers are welcome to join us around a bonfire for a dish-to-pass social. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we will move the social inside with a fire in the stove. Please bring a dish to share, or a personal sandwich depending on your risk tolerance. Chilled drinks will be available, or bring your own beverage.


Warning: Schribner and Giles roads are not plowed to allow travel to our house from Strutt St in Springwater. Assuming there is ANY snow on the ground, you must come down Tabors Corners Rd to Schribner Rd. Set your GPS to “Tabors Corners and Schribner Rd, Springwater, NY“.

From Springwater: Head north on NY 15A from the light.  Take the first right onto Wheaton Hill Rd. Go all the way to the top of the hill and the stop sign at the tee.  Turn right on Wetmore Rd. At the next stop sign, turn right onto Tabors Corners Rd. In 3.5 miles turn right onto Schribner Rd.  In 1.0 miles, the driveway is on the left at the intersection between Schribner and Giles Roads.

From Wayland: Head east on NY 21 North toward N Cohocton.  In 3 miles from the light in Wayland, turn left onto (Steuben) CR 37 (Tabors Corners Rd).  In 2 miles, turn left onto Schribner Rd. In 1 mile, the driveway is on the left at the intersection between Schribner and Giles Roads.

From N Cohocton and Naples and Canandaigua: Take NY 21 South through Naples and N Cohocton toward Wayland. In 4.5 miles from the right turn in N. Cohocton, turn right onto (Steuben) CR 37 (Tabors Corners Rd). In 2 miles, turn left onto Schribner Rd. In 1 mile, the driveway is on the left at the intersection between Schribner and Giles Roads.

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