Maintenance Hike at Wheaton Hill

July 26, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

This Sunday’s hike will be a maintenance session on Wheaton Hill in Springwater. We won’t be attempting to whack all the grass this year, just the long grass around the access trails.If you want to do more you are welcome to bring a weed whacker and have at it. If you do plan to use a weed whacker, PLEASE BRING EYE PROTECTION! These devices can kick up a lot of dust and small stones. We will be cutting back the roses and other growths, and we’ll be sawing up some trees that have fallen across the trails. If the grass is too long for comfortable walking we will call in the City of Rochester to cut it – they have heavier equipment than we can bring to bear.

Bring gloves to protect your hands, loppers to cut branches and if you have one, a small saw for branches that are too large for the loppers.


The Social:

The plan for a social afterwards is to picnic with our own food parcels and keep a prudent social distance between us. Please bring a folding chair for this – there is nowhere to sit on Wheaton Hill.



Wheaton Hill is the first right turn north of the intersection of Rt 15 and Rt 15A in Springwater (0.9 mile north of the intersection).  The trail head is 0.5 miles up Wheaton Hill just before the road turns straight east and heads up the main hill.  More details are on the directions page.

What to bring:

  • Gloves and clippers – hand clippers or long handled loppers for larger branches.
  • A weed whacker if you want to cut grass, with gas mixture and extra string.
  • Small bow saw.
  • Plastic grocery bags in case you find any litter.
  • Water to keep hydrated.
  • Eye protection.

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