Honeoye Lakeview Hike

March 1, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
5422 County Road 37

 Update on trail conditions,  Saturday 2-29:  The trail we will follow has a base of 1-3 inches of packed snow and 3-5 inches of fresh powder on top – excellent conditions for boots, snow shoes and XC skis. The first half of the hike will be on trails which have been partly packed down by snowmobiles. For the second half in the Climber hike, there is some road walking and some hiking through untrodden snow.  Snowshoes will make the walking easier in some places, but you may want to remove them for other parts. but it’s all OK with just boots. The end of the hike is a c. 200 foot slope down through a field – perfect for ski enthusiasts.

This Sunday we will explore the woods and fields overlooking Honeoye Lake on the west side, followed by a dish-to-pass social at the Affolter farm.  Meet at 1:45 at 5422 County Road 37, about 2 miles south of Route 20A and 2 miles north of Canadice Town Hall.  Park in the drive or on the road shoulder. Our hikes will take us up the ridge, through wooded trails and along gully rims.  Get a scenic vista of the whole expanse of Honeoye Lake, from a new and different perspective.

Climbers will head northwest from County Road 37 through the woods toward Howcroft Road to make a loop of about 3 miles.  Tourists and Naturalists will start out on the same route, but with a slower pace on the initial uphill climb, and will complete a smaller loop of about 2.5 miles.  Hiking conditions are good; skis, snowshoes, and boots will all work.

Social: Bring your favorite goodies along for our social at 5422 County Road 37.


From Springwater, take Route 15A north 2.7 miles to a right on Johnson Hill Road.  In 1.1 miles, make a left on County Road 37. Continue northeast for 6.7 miles, including a turn to the left after Canadice Town Hall.  #5422 will be on your left, just before you leave the town of Canadice and about a half mile after you pass Hayward Hill Road and Jersey Hill Road.  Driveway has a large red barn and silo to the north.

From Honeoye/Hemlock:  Take Route 20A east from Hemlock or west from Honeoye to the intersection with County Road 37. Go south approximately 1.9 miles. #5422 will be on the right, with a red barn and white silo, just past the Entering Town of Canadice sign.

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