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Mark Staff asked 4 years ago

Last week we walked down Marrowback Rd.  On the downhill side of the road, we saw a lot of tires dumped over the years. Would you be interested in working on a crew hauling the tires up to the road so that a town truck could pick them up and dispose of them properly.  I suspect it will be dirty work, but it sure would improve the looks of the area.
If you are interested please reply with your suggestion on a good time for this operation.

DavidZix replied 1 year ago

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happiness-in-hiking Staff replied 4 years ago

Some thoughts: 1) Possible that the tires in drainage ditches may serve to slow down quick moving erosive water, serving as baffles, when copious rains are received, so they may actually serve a positive purpose. Probably checking with the town before wholesale pulling them out would be a good idea. 2) Possible that the tires may hold water in the inside hollow and thus be a breeding medium for mosquitoes, a negative. Most likely to occur when there is not copious sunshine cast on the tires to serve to evaporate water from the tire’s inside hollow. (Holes drilled in tires can allow for drainage and allow them to serve purposes such as: weighting down a tarp, or baffling of fast running water in a ditch, without providing a mosquito haven. 3) I has been a while since I’ve traveled that road, but I think I too recall wondering about debris along the sides and pondering putting forth some affirmative action. So, kudos to you for identification and initiative.

JohnL Staff replied 4 years ago

I’ll do it, but I’m traveling a lot between June and the end of October. May is easiest right now.

4 Answers
Mark Staff answered 4 years ago

We are planning a workday on May 13th at 10:00. If we can pull the tires up to the road, load them onto a truck or trailer and take them to the highway barn, then the town will dispose of them.  The town will pay the disposal fee and will drive them to the dump, if we can just do the work of getting them to the barn..
We need trucks or trailers to haul the tires, and one or two winches to help pull them up to the road.  Just wondering if we have any volunteers.

happiness-in-hiking Staff replied 4 years ago

Being there may be some need to trek into wide side-of-the-road drainage ditches which may contain some of the tires, and there may be conditions that would suggest more traction on a hikers soles is better than less in doing such feats and tasks, I can volunteer multiple pairs of loaner Traction Devices (TDs) for use in accomplishing this task. Being recent repeated rains and thus rather wet conditions as of late, TDs will allow hikers a margin of safety if climbing into wider and/or steeper drainage ditches in accomplishment of tire removal.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

We’ll meet at 10:00am at the junction of Kellog Road and Route 15.

Mark Staff replied 4 years ago

Looks like rain Saturday. Let’s postpone.

Mark Staff replied 4 years ago

The junction of Marrowback and Kellogg is closer to our worksite and we avoid parking in front of homes. Lets park on Kellogg and carpool up Marrowback.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

We have delayed the tire cleanup to Tuesday 23rd May.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

We have to cancel this project again. First the weather is going to be wet on Tuesday, and secondly we haven’t been able to obtain equipment – vehicles with winches, transport to haul our own vehicles with winches, and trucks to haul the tires away. We’ll pick a new date when we can put the minimum equipment together. It will probably be several weeks.

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