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JohnL Staff asked 4 years ago

One of our members, Norm Colby, is a share owner of a camp in the Adirondacks. This thread is about who would be interested in going there for a multi-day hiking trip, and to explore some of the issues surrounding this plan. Here are some things to think about.

1: The camp has a building with a dormitory, but there is no separation of the sexes.

2: It’s a camp – there is no indoor plumbing. There is an outhouse.

3: Norm has to book the place by the week, but few of us will be able to take a whole week. Anyone can stay for as much or as little time as they want, but I propose to organize for at least two nights.

4: There is plenty of space to pitch tents.

5: I’m exploring the availability of motels nearby. I don’t know exactly where it is yet.

6: We can do more than just hike. There are places of interest nearby, such as a canoe manufacturer we can visit.

7: The current target date is sometime in August, when the black flies have died away.

8: ┬áThere are lots of trails nearby and a short drive away, going from dead easy to┬áchallenging. The high peaks are about 20 miles away – still within easy range. There is plenty of scope for hiking, relaxing, and just being there.

happiness-in-hiking Staff replied 4 years ago

Travel time/distance to this locale which is in the Town of Indian Lake in Hamilton County, NY. – – From hamlet of Hemlock (on NY Rt 15A) in Town of Livonia, Livingston County, NY (near northern head of Hemlock Lake) –> to hamlet of Indian Lake (which is at jct of NY Rt 28 & NY Rt 30) in Town of Indian Lake, Hamilton County, NY (near northern head of lake named Indian Lake) is ~ 4ish hour continuous car ride and ~225 miles, all on main thoroughfare. – – Add to that the time and mileage to reach the cabin from Indian Lake hamlet (guesstimate of 10-20 minutes, in part on a non-main thoroughfare). Please note, I’ve not driven it, merely rough mapped it.

Thanks to Norm, for this really cool offer. And to those who have set up and moderate this forum on the ST website.

I have interest in this possibility. At present I stand as a maybe, imagine.

Mary Staff replied 4 years ago

BTW – I can’t go until after Aug 7. So, please, please schedule after that! I would love to go.

Mary Staff replied 4 years ago

I know the area well. We have camped at Lewey lake at least 4 times. There are showers there. About a 10 min drive. Plenty of hiking close by. Kayaking is especially good in Indian Lake and Lewey Lake. Indian Lake has little islands we can kayak to. Lewey lake is shallow and warm. There are not a lot of good restaurants. That is the ONLY down side to that area. Blue Mt Lake is a nice hike and the Adirondack museum is there.

Linda H Staff replied 4 years ago

Or do we need to pack in water?

Linda H Staff replied 4 years ago

Is there running water?

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JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

Here are 3 maps at different scales to show where the camp is.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

Here are some pictures of the camp.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

Norm has booked the week of the 14th August for us. Now all we have to do is get a list of who wants to come and when, and set up some car pooling. I’ll ask Norm about beds and running water.

Melissa Staff replied 4 years ago

Not fussy about facilities. I might be able to go around the 17th, but have other commitments.. It is a GREAT idea. Thanks to Norm for proposing it.

JohnL Staff answered 4 years ago

Norm tells me that the camp has 12 beds (yes, that’s 12, and it isn’t a typo!). There is piped water in the place but it’s not potable; it’s for washing only. There is a very fine, hot shower outside somewhere too.

We’ll need to take plenty of water with us.

Mark Staff replied 4 years ago

We have either 6 or 12 gallons of bottled water ready to go. Let’s make sure to add it to our packing list.

Mark Staff answered 4 years ago

It is time to work on food and cooking – We have an old Coleman stove that I need to make sure is working. We will bring water. Are there pots and pans, dishes, etc. Any suggestions for food? I am thinking we need coffee, creamer, cereal, milk. We will also have a cooler.

Mark Staff replied 4 years ago

Debbie, I am not sure about others plans, but Linda and I will be bringing enough food for the two of us, with the idea that we can either make our own meal, or share according to plans of the rest of the campers. We will have some plates, plasticware, mugs, some cooking pots and frying pans – all the stuff from our camping boxes.

Debbie replied 4 years ago

Is everyone bringing their own food? Thanks!