Whiteman Gully

IMG_0643WOn Sunday, Springwater Trails visited Whiteman Gully in North Dansville for a hike down the Gully to a really awesome waterfall.  After the waterfall, we all planned to hike the old rail bed above Dansville.  The Climbers decided to cut the hike short due to a steady rain, leaving the six naturalists with rain jackets to traverse the rail bed.  Join us this coming Sunday for the rail section starting in North Cohocton.

The day started beautifully, but by the time we met at the Rounsville home at 4:00, the ski had darkened and rain and thunder were threatening. Tom and Rick were available to retrieve the hikers should the rain begin.

IMG_0636WThe Climbers started out around the ridge and down to Mendoleine Rd.  Portions of this part of the hike were on logging roads and we were able to view the recent logging results.  After a steep climb down and a short road walk, they came to the Little Mill Creek crossing. Here the path headed downstream.  We crossed the stream on a rock walkway to get to a great view of the waterfalls.  Half of the group scrambled to the bottom of the falls and Pam absorbed the spirit of the water spray at the base.IMG_0651W

The naturalists shuttled to the Little Mill Creek by car and were able to view the falls before the rain started. The four dogs who joined the naturalists enjoyed the cooling water to various depths. After climbing out the of creek gully, the naturalists continued west to the old railroad bed. In spite of the rain that started gently, the naturalists simply pull out their rain jackets and continued on the the west end of the rail trail. Rick picked them up and returned them to the warm house for the social.

IMG_0646W The climbers exited from the gully as the rain picked up and chose to call it quits.  We returned by car to provide a warm welcome to the naturalists when they returned. We are already planning a return to Whiteman Gully for more explorations and to complete the planned hike.

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